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Grjngo launches FAST channel in USA on TCL

The largest streaming channel for western movies & series "GRJNGO" ( now is also available on the TCLtv+ platform of TCL Electronics in USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and Germany in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Portugues, German).

GRJNGO offers hundreds of western movies (feature films & series) in currently 7 languages worldwide and is available as a FAST channel (free ad supported television) on almost all FAST platforms worldwide (Samsung TV Plus, Rakuten TV, LG Channels, PLEX, Vidaa, Zattoo, etc.).

In addition, GRJNGO has a gigantic reach in 7 languages on YouTube with over 4 million subscribers.


GRJNGO's lineup includes the world's largest collection of "spaghetti westerns", US western classics and numerous European productions.

The channel also has an in-house dubbing studio and therefore exclusive language versions as first releases as well as its own in-house solution for colorizing black-and-white films.

GRJNGO is a brand of Grjngo Limited in Germany, which in turn is a subsidiary of TRIAS MEDIA GROUP, an investment holding company specializing in streaming channels.

"We are excited to announce our partnership with Trias Media Group, bringing their high-quality, enjoyable FAST channels to the TCL platform. This collaboration underscores our commitment to enhancing our content offerings and providing our viewers with an exceptional viewing experience." -- Matt Ding, TCL Business Development Manager.

TCLtv+ is a new online streaming service of TCL FFalcon that allows its customers access to a wide variety of complimentary entertainment programming. Dedicated to providing viewers with a free and evolving collection of premium content, the initial launch of TCLtv+ includes more than 200 FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television) channels and 1500+ on-demand movies and TV series from major and independent studios such as Scripps Media, Fremantle, NBC Universal, FilmRise, Banijay, and more.

About TCL FFalcon: Jointly backed by TCL Electronics, one of the major TV manufacturers, Tencent, and Southern TV New Media. TCL FFalcon is responsible for the system development and global operation of TCL Smart Screens, providing premium content services such as video, applications, games, music, apps, and TV shopping experiences. TCL FFalcon has now developed into the world’s leading internet and AIxIoT service platform bringing great user experience in 160+ countries across six continents.

About TRIAS MEDIA GROUP: Trias Media Group ( is a German film investment holding company specializing in the creation of film companies in the streaming sector. The group has a strong presence in the Video-on-Demand (VOD) and Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) area. Trias Media Group manages and develops several streaming brands that operate worldwide specialized channels such as “Grjngo” for western movies (, “Moconomy” for economic and financial documentaries (, the feature film channel “Bigtime” ( and Royalworld (, which focuses on documentaries, series and feature films on royalty, nobility and dynasties. The Group operates its channels in multiple languages (up to 9 languages per channel) worldwide and has expanded its reach by onboarding FAST channels in various countries on numerous CTV platforms (e.g. Samsung TV Plus, Plex, TCL, Amazon Freevee, Vidaa, LG Channels, Rakuten TV, etc.). The Group also uses its global YouTube channels in 9 languages with a total of over 9 million subscribers to collect important usage data and develop strategies for its VOD and FAST services. Trias Media Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ondarza Capital, which in turn is owned by Berlin-based entrepreneur Peter von Ondarza.


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