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Grjngo hits 10 Mio monthly FAST hours

The western movie FAST channel GRJNGO ( has cracked the milestone of 10 million viewed hours per month.

This success is mainly caused by the performance of GRJNGO on Samsung TV Plus in Europe, UK and Brazil.

Another part of the total viewing time took place on various other FAST platforms like Plex, LG Channels, Rakuten TV, Zattoo, Vidaa, Stremium, Xiaomi, etc. in various countries.

Thanks to WURL, a CTV distribution service provider (, GRJNGO could get on board of most of those platforms worldwide very quickly.

GRJNGO is a streaming brand of Germany based Trias Media Group (, a film investment holding that owns and grows niche streaming brands on an international level.

GRJNGO has started on YouTube around 5 years ago where it became by far the worlds largest western movie channel in 6 languages, covering more than 3 million followers and over one billion video views per year.

Since then GRJNGO is very successful thanks to its large and exclusive content portfolio which consists of hundreds of Italian spaghetti westerns as well as many American and independent westerns in various languages.


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