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FAST Channel GRJNGO on LG Channels in Europe

The world's largest streaming channel for western movies & series "GRJNGO" ( is now available on LG Channels in Europe (UK, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland) in 3 languages (English, German, Spanish).

GRJNGO offers hundreds of western movies (feature films & series) in currently 7 languages worldwide.

The channel is available as a FAST channel (free ad supported television) on almost all FAST platforms worldwide (Samsung TV Plus, Rakuten TV, LG Channels, PLEX, Vidaa, Zattoo, etc.).

In addition, GRJNGO has a gigantic reach in 7 languages on YouTube with over 4 million subscribers.

GRJNGO's lineup includes the world's largest collection of "spaghetti westerns", US western classics and numerous European productions.

GRJNGO has its own in-house solution for colorizing black-and-white films and therefore currently has the world's largest selection of colorized classics.

Grjngo also has an in-house dubbing studio and therefore exclusive language versions as first releases.

GRJNGO is a brand of Grjngo Limited in Germany, which in turn is a subsidiary of TRIAS MEDIA GROUP, an investment holding company specializing in streaming channels.


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