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Samsung TV Plus & Grjngo with "Summer of Western" AVOD offering

Western movie streaming ("FAST" = free ad supported television) channel GRJNGO ( and Samsung TV Plus ( have extended their cooperation to the field of "AVOD" (advertised video on demand). In addition to Grjngo's FAST channels (free ad supported television), which have been running very successfully in Europe on Samsung TV Plus for some time now, Grjngo's western movie offering (120 western feature films, US classics and spaghetti westerns) is now also available for free on demand in various languages in the countries of England, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Holland and Italy.

With hundreds of US-American, Latin-American as well as European western movies & series, and especially "spaghetti westerns", GRJNGO has built an impressive reach on YouTube worldwide and also on various CTV platforms in key territories such as USA&Canada, UK, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Spain, Latin America (Mexico & Brazil), Nordics and the Netherlands.

GRJNGO is a streaming brand and subsidiary of Trias Media Group (, a Germany based film investment holding with over 20 years of VOD experience. The brand GRJNGO started as a YouTube channel a few years ago and quickly became by far the worlds largest western movie channel on YouTube reaching more than 3.7 million followers in 7 languages.

Thanks to WURL (, a CTV distribution service company, GRJNGO could launch its channel in various languages in many countries all over the world in a relatively short time.

GRJNGO is worldwide available in 7 languages.


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