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Rakuten TV airs Grjngo all over Europe

Western movie streaming ("FAST" = free ad supported television) channel GRJNGO ( and Rakuten TV ( have extended their cooperation to other European countries. The Western Film Channel Grjngo is now live on Rakuten TV in 8 countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Italy, Spain, Poland and The Netherlands.

With hundreds of US-American, Latin-American as well as European western movies & series, and especially "spaghetti westerns", GRJNGO has built an impressive reach on YouTube worldwide and also on various CTV platforms in key territories such as USA&Canada, UK, Germany/Austria/Switzerland, Spain, Latin America (Mexico & Brazil), Nordics and the Netherlands.

GRJNGO is a streaming brand and subsidiary of Trias Media Group (, a Germany based film investment holding with over 20 years of VOD experience. The brand GRJNGO started as a YouTube channel a few years ago and quickly became by far the worlds largest western movie channel on YouTube reaching more than 3.7 million followers in 7 languages.

Thanks to WURL (, a CTV distribution service company, GRJNGO could launch its channel in various languages in many countries all over the world in a relatively short time.

GRJNGO is worldwide available in 7 languages.


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