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Grjngo - Westernfilme launches on Amazon Prime Video Channels

Starting today, Amazon Prime Video users can also enjoy western movies from Grjngo (, the world's largest streaming channel for western movies. This channel with hundreds of cowboy and adventure films now is also available as a Prime Video channel in Germany with a hand-picked film program. Launch highlights will be e.g. Der Schuh Des Manitu, Seraphim Falls starring Pierce Brosnan or Bone Tomahawk starring Kurt Russel. The Grjngo channel is available in the Prime Video app on Smart TVs, iOS and Android mobile devices, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire Tablets, Apple TV or online at Grjngo is one of numerous streaming brands of Amogo Networx GmbH ( Amogo Networx is part of the Trias Media Group holding company (


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